Friday, November 24, 2017

یا سلام و عرض ادب خدمت کاربران گرامی
نسخه جدید قالب Impreza یعنی نسخه 4.9.1 روی سایت قرار گرفت.
برای دانلود آخرین ورژن وارد پنل کاربری خود شده و نسخه جدید را دریافت نمایید.
پیشنهاد می کنیم از آخرین نسخه قالب استفاده کنید.

لیست تغییرات نسخه اخیر:

Version 4.9.1 — October 30, 2017 #

  • IMPROVED row background video – now it also works on mobiles by default to improve user experience
  • FIXED issue in Impreza 4.9 when all menus in header transform into "hamburger" disregarding their settings
  • FIXED inconsistency of "Effects Disabling Width" and "Columns Stacking Width" values and descriptions
  • FIXED visual bug when Tour element blinks after page loading

Version 4.9 — October 26, 2017 #

  • ADDED new "Fade" and "Reverse" hover styles for buttons, also now it's possible to set "Shadow on Hover" value separately for any hover style
  • ADDED option which allows disable "" markup for all theme elements, this is useful when you're using your own structured data markup
  • IMPROVEDWooCommerce shop elements:
    • appearance of product gallery on mobiles – now it hovers the whole screen width
    • appearance of variations on product pages for better usability
    • appearance of "Filter Products by Attribute" widget
    • now disabled buttons are not hoverable and not clickable
  • IMPROVEDOpen Graph meta tags:
    • now when you're sharing any post or page, its image has a "large" size (1024px by default) for better quality. Also when your page doesn't have Featured Image, it will be used the first image of page content
    • turned back option which allows to disable predefined Open Graph meta tags, this is useful when you're using your own meta tags
  • IMPROVEDLogos Showcase element – added Responsive Options tab, which allows to control:
    • the quantity of logos in relative to the screen width both for Carousel and Grid types
    • Auto Rotation in relative to the screen width for Carousel type
  • IMPROVED titles of Category and Author pages – e.g. "Category: Design" renamed into "Design", "Author: Alexander Black" renamed to "Posts by Alexander Black", this improves user experience
  • IMPROVED Typography and Buttons options – now Letter Spacing is based on "em" units instead of "px" to make headings and buttons labels more consistent for all sizes
  • IMPROVED Portfolio and Testimonial modules capacities – now portfolio pages, testimonials and their categories are able to edit for "Editor" user role by default
  • IMPROVED Portfolio categories – now its' possible to change their order in filter bar via specific plugins (like Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order)
  • IMPROVED Cart element – now its products quantity is shown in a circle to avoid jumping of header elements on page load, when cart is not empty
  • IMPROVED Blog element – added "Ignore sticky posts" option, which allows not display sticky posts in Blog content element or widget
  • IMPROVED highlight color of tap gestures on touch screens – now it uses "Primary Color" value with 20% transparency
  • IMPROVED appearance of TablePress tables with enabled sorting
  • UPDATED name of Visual Composer – now it's called WPBakery Page Builder
  • UPDATED Google fonts list for Typography
  • UPDATED translation files
  • FIXED bug when generated CSS file doesn't load after changing website domain (e.g. migration from dev server to production)
  • FIXED rare issue when a theme update generates an error "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach..."
  • FIXED bug when "Additional Tile Image" of portfolio page doesn't work, if tile's Aspect Ratio differs from 1x1
  • FIXED usability issue when Portfolio element shows the current Portfolio page in the grid
  • FIXED appearance issues of shop elements after updating to WooCommerce version 3.2
  • FIXED bug when Revolution Slider has a very small width in Accordion or Tabs section
  • FIXED bug when Carousel autoplay doesn't work after hover a mouse cursor
  • FIXED issue when a Tag page doesn't show its description
  • FIXED some minor bugs

Version 4.8 — October 3, 2017 #

  • ADDED new ability to add custom content to a menu dropdown – now it's possible to add sidebars as menu items. Create a sidebar, populate it with widgets and add it into any menu dropdown
  • ADDED built-in ability to upload SVG files and use them in theme elements
  • ADDED full RTL support of WooCommerce pages
  • IMPROVED "Optimize CSS size" option – now the code from Custom CSS field is also added to the generated CSS file (instead of always being on every site page)
  • IMPROVED generated CSS styles of site headers – now pages don't include styles which are not used of the current header, this reduces all site pages size
  • IMPROVED portfolio breadcrumbs – added option which allows to set any page as intermediate breadcrumb
  • IMPROVED theme update notification – now it also appears when Impreza is not activated
  • IMPROVED support of Visual Composer – updated elements icons for backend editor
  • UPDATED brand color of YouTube in social links
  • UPDATED Header Builder to version 2.0.4
  • UPDATED Translation files
  • FIXED bug when header elements are not shown in header area, if it disabled on default state, but enabled on tablets and mobiles states
  • FIXED bug when some content rows overlap others on small screens, if "Disable extra features of Visual Composer" option is turned off
  • FIXED issue when some options of Visual Composer > Role manager were reset when Templatera plugin is active
  • FIXED bug when datepicker is overlapped by header in new version of The Events Calendar plugin
  • FIXED bug when styles and scripts of Ultimate Addons are not loaded for elements in site footer
  • FIXED password form on password protected posts for better support of 3rd-party plugins
  • FIXED accessibility issues with social links, contact form and comments form
  • FIXED WPML translation issues with headers and menu dropdowns
  • FIXED issue when website page title is not overwritable by plugins
  • FIXED appearance issues with RTL languages
  • FIXED some minor bugs

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