Thursday, June 15, 2017

یا سلام و عرض ادب خدمت کاربران گرامی
نسخه جدید قالب Impreza یعنی نسخه 4.5 روی سایت قرار گرفت.
برای دانلود آخرین ورژن وارد پنل کاربری خود شده و نسخه جدید را دریافت نمایید.
پیشنهاد می کنیم از آخرین نسخه قالب استفاده کنید.

لیست تغییرات نسخه اخیر:

Version 4.5 — June 8, 2017 #

  • ADDED: Maintenance Mode option – now it's possible to show only specific page for all site visitors (not logged in users), this is useful when your site is under construction. Additionally it's possible to enable "503 Service Unavailable" status for search engines.
  • ADDED: "Back to top" button options – now it's possible to disable that button, change its position, background color and scroll distance when the button will be appear
  • IMPROVED: Theme Options page:
    • now slider controls values are changeable via mouse scroll wheel for better convenience
    • now it takes into account user language set in WordPress profile settings
    • now main navigation is fixed on the screen for better convenience
    • fixed some visual bugs with RTL languages
  • IMPROVED: Typography options:
    • improved preview box for Regular Text and Headings – now text sizes are changing live when you change related options
    • added option to enable italic style of headings H1-H6 separately
    • added option to set font-weight of headings H1-H6 separately
  • IMPROVED: support of custom modifications:
    • added ability to add custom content to tiles of Portfolio element via 'us_before_portfolio_item_anchor_html' and 'us_after_portfolio_item_anchor_html' actions
    • added ability to override 'us_comment_start' and 'us_comment_end' functions via child theme
  • IMPROVED: Dropdown element in header:
    • now WPML switcher flag images have alt attribute with language code
    • fixed bug when double slashes are added to links with "#" and "?" symbols
  • IMPROVED: Portfolio popup window – now it doesn't show navigation arrows when "Sided Navigation" option is off in Theme Options > Portfolio Options
  • IMPROVED: theme elements preloader – now it takes appearance type from "Preloader Screen" option (if it enabled)
  • UPDATED: Translation files
  • FIXED: bug when columns hidden on tablets are not shown on screens with 900-991px width when "Disable extra features of Visual Composer" is off
  • FIXED: case of fatal error when VC original shortcodes (which are not supported by Impreza) were added to the content
  • FIXED: bug when Author page doesn't take images size set in Theme Options > Blog Options > Archive Pages
  • FIXED: bug when double quotes symbols added into Button text are cut on the frontend
  • FIXED: rare bug when WooCommerce products lose its variations after theme update
  • FIXED: bug when new image size created in Theme Options has "Any x Any" name
  • FIXED: aspect ratio of video previews of posts with video format in all blog lists
  • FIXED: styling issues of Gravity Forms when "Output CSS" option is disabled
  • FIXED: some inconsistent appearance of Page Scroller navigation dots
  • FIXED: bug when Tour sections are closing on scroll on small screens
  • FIXED: bug when attachment page shows extra image near the footer
  • FIXED: some visual bugs of Cart and Checkout WooCommerce pages
  • FIXED: some minor bugs

Version 4.4.2 — May 15, 2017 #

  • FIXED: extra left and right paddings in Title Bar on Portfolio Pages
  • FIXED: not working Material icons in IE11 and EDGE

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