Tuesday, May 16, 2017

یا سلام و عرض ادب خدمت کاربران گرامی
نسخه جدید قالب Zephyr یعنی نسخه 4.4 روی سایت قرار گرفت .
برای دانلود وارد پنل کاربری خود شده و نسخه جدید را دریافت نمایید .

لیست تغییرات نسخه اخیر:

Version 4.4 — May 13, 2017 #

  • ADDED: option to manage Image Sizes – now it's possible to specify sizes of images in most theme elements to improve page loading speed (check this article for more info)
  • ADDED: option to set Site Icon, which just repeats WordPress functionality for better convenience
  • ADDED: option to lazy load Google Fonts to improve page loading speed
  • IMPROVED: Title Bar Options:
    • added ability to set all Title Bar options globally for all website pages or for specific page types (portfolio pages, blog posts, archive pages, shop and product pages)
    • added new options to control background-repeat and background-position (both in Theme Options and in meta box options)
  • IMPROVED: Portfolio module:
    • renamed "Portfolio Item(s)" to "Portfolio Page(s)" for better understanding
    • added ability to display breadcrumbs in Title Bar (like on regular pages)
    • removed navigation arrows in Title Bar to avoid user experience issues
  • IMPROVED: Blog:
    • added Images Size option for Blog content element
    • added Featured Image Size option for blog posts
    • added Images Size option for Related Posts
    • added Images Size option for Blog Home page, Archive pages, Search Results page
  • IMPROVED: Single Image element – added 3 new styles: Outlined, Simple Shadow, Colored Shadow
  • IMPROVED: loading of Material Icons – removed link to external CSS file to improve page loading speed
  • IMPROVED: accessibility of theme elements with anchors including Social Links
  • IMPROVED: interface of content elements in Visual Composer Backend Editor
  • IMPROVED: support of Templatera plugin – fixed Row appearance issues
  • UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to version 3.16.12 (changelog)
  • UPDATED: Header Builder to version 1.0.4
  • UPDATED: Translation files
  • FIXED: Portfolio element bug when tile with custom link doesn't allow to open pages of following tiles in a popup
  • FIXED: bug when meta box (Header, Title Bar, Sidebar, Footer) options don't work for custom post types
  • FIXED: bug when lightbox doesn't work in Single Image after update to 4.3
  • FIXED: row background video appearance for RTL sites in IE11 and EDGE
  • FIXED: incorrect appearance of Contact Form icons in IE11
  • FIXED: some minor bugs

Version 4.3 — April 18, 2017 #

  • ADDED: options to disable Portfolio and Testimonials modules
  • ADDED: compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0:
    • enabled modern zoom gallery on product page (Example)
    • fixed incorrect appearance of some elements
    • fixed adding to cart via ajax
  • IMPROVED: Addons page:
    • added free plugins which are fully supported by Impreza (WooCommerce, Contact Form 7)
    • fixed issue when error message appears without error itself
    • improved interface of installing and activating actions
  • IMPROVED: Website Performance options:
    • swapped "Enable theme-disabled features of Visual Composer" option to "Disable extra features of Visual Composer" option for better understanding
    • added "Disable jQuery migrate script" option to remove extra default WP script file
    • removed extra "Minify theme CSS files" option – now theme always uses minified files
  • IMPROVED: Custom CSS and Custom HTML areas in Theme Options:
    • now they're located in a separate "Custom Code" tab and stretched to a screen height
    • added search by code inside every field via CTRL + F
  • IMPROVED: Images Size option (used in Image Gallery, Single Image, Portfolio elements) – added size values from WooCommerce when it is installed
  • IMPROVED: Portfolio Items sided navigation – now it displays images with better quality on small screens
  • IMPROVED: Footers module – added ability to control capabilities to manage footers by user role
  • IMPROVED: WP Custom Menu element – added option to change font size of menu items
  • UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to version 3.16.10 (changelog)
  • UPDATED: Visual Composer to version 5.1.1 (changelog)
  • UPDATED: Demo Import files
  • UPDATED: Translation files
  • FIXED: display of ID in VC elements used by default in the theme (Column, Text Block, Tabs, Accordion, Tour, Video Player, WP Custom Menu)
  • FIXED: bug when Portfolio with "Load More" or "Infinite Scroll" doesn't load items if site uses WPML plugin
  • FIXED: extra padding of Accordion & Toggles elements when Ultimate Addons is installed
  • FIXED: bug when column with large image has an extra height in IE11
  • FIXED: issue when Main Menu appear in delay on loading page
  • FIXED: incorrect appearance of carousel arrows in IE11
  • FIXED: button size option in Contact Form element
  • FIXED: some minor bugs

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